Getting to know Tempe

Long before the city of Tempe officially became part of Arizona, the ancient culture of the Hohokam people was thriving. These farmers developed revolutionary engineering and irrigation systems which made the land of Tempe easier to live on; as engineering teams began to build the modern city of Tempe, the original canals used to flood the fields in ancient times were discovered, excavated, and used as the foundation for the city’s modern irrigation system.

When it comes to Tempe, this type of phenomenon happens all the time. The residents here are proud of their cultural backgrounds -- which are even more diverse now than ever before -- and they understand how important it is to preserve Tempe’s valuable heritage, and they have developed state-of-the-art facilities and programs to do just that.

Research and Development

Tempe is home to Arizona State University (ASU), but it’s so much more than just a college town. The Tempe History Museum is a great place for scholars of any age to find out more about Tempe’s rich cultural background, and for anyone who just can’t get enough history, the Pueblo Grande Museum is a 1,500 archaeological site located just outside of Phoenix (and a short trip away from Tempe). You can check out a theatrical performance at the Tempe Center for the Arts, or you can find your own niche in one of the many volunteer programs supported by the city.
Most importantly, the city is always looking ahead and offers valuable resources that center around community safety and youth programs. You have a young family and you’re looking for after school care? You’re covered. You’re an active member of the military or a veteran? Tempe wants to support you in every possible way. When you live in Tempe, you simply never stop learning and growing.

Only in Tempe

If you’re looking for a place bustling with city activities -- but you don’t want all the other hassles of city living -- then Tempe is the perfect place for you. The public transportation system in Tempe makes it easy to get around the city, and the METRO light rail line connects directly to Downtown Phoenix. But with so many activities and opportunities in the city of Tempe itself, you may not even want to leave!

The Desert Botanical Garden offers a welcome respite from the stresses of daily life, and the Garden hosts events and exhibitions year-round. If you need a night out of town, Casino Arizona is one of the most popular gaming locations around the Phoenix area, and it’s only a short drive from Tempe. For some daytime family fun, head over to the Big Surf Waterpark, or check out the SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium in the Arizona Mills Mall. And when you’re all tuckered out and ready to go back home to recharge, you’ll know that your home in Tempe is never too far away.

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