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1/17/2019 1:06:40 PM

As we begin 2019, it’s important to take time to reflect on the best way to start your year. Planning at the beginning can give you a clear track to follow, setting you up for greater success. In order to plan your year, it can be helpful to look at what happened in 2018 to […]

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1/17/2019 1:05:15 PM

In the following interview, Kathy Laswick, broker with Realty ONE Group in Scottsdale, Ariz., discusses the Realty ONE Group Veterans Initiative, technology, training and more. Region Served: Scottsdale/North Scottsdale Years in Real Estate: 23 Number of Offices: 1 Number of Agents: 312 What are the most exciting/effective tech tools Realty ONE Group provides your team, […]

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1/16/2019 1:13:42 PM

(TNS)—Anyone retiring in 2019 could understandably be feeling a little skittish. There’s retirement research showing market declines in the first few years can devastate a portfolio’s chances of providing enough income for life, and recent volatility after a nearly decade-long bull market is worrisome. Interest rates moving higher could be a good sign, in theory, […]

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1/15/2019 1:37:47 PM

NAR PULSE—It’s probably not your agents’ favorite time of the year, but we can help make it a little brighter. By logging in to NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness, they’ll find everything they need to maximize their returns and minimize the headaches. Learn more. Help Your Agents Kick-Start the New Year! Send them to […]

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1/15/2019 1:34:23 PM

The American Dream and homeownership are integrally linked. The cost of the dream, however, is impeding many from realizing it, according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Aspiring Home Buyers Profile, released this week. The American Dream is associated with homeownership for 90 percent of homeowners and 75 percent of renters, according to the […]

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1/15/2019 1:24:16 PM

Realty ONE Group has added chief financial officer (CFO) Gary Fabian to the company. Fabian’s extensive leadership experience includes serving as senior vice president of Finance at Bank of America/Countrywide Home Loans and CFO of Stearns Lending and a top real estate company, both based in Orange County. “Gary’s knowledge and tenure makes him the perfect person […]

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1/14/2019 1:08:36 PM

RE/MAX’s ad campaign—its fourth with “The Sign of a RE/MAX Agent” theme—has debuted, featuring a first-of-its-kind marketing tool: customizable videos. Aligned with the campaign and designed to highlight their knowledge and skills, RE/MAX agents can now create a 15-second, personalized video, complete with their contact details, headshot and preferences, such as the focus (e.g., “Negotiation […]

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1/14/2019 11:07:08 AM

RISMedia’s 31st Annual Power Broker Survey, the industry’s longest-running, preeminent ranking by residential sales volume and transactions, is now open. To participate in the survey this year, brokers are required to have completed a minimum of $75 million in sales volume and 250 transactions in 2018—a more expanded range than in recent years. The deadline […]

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1/13/2019 10:04:49 AM

Why do African American homeownership rates continue to lag far behind rates for whites? The African American homeownership rate remains nearly the same as it was in 1968 when the Fair Housing Act was passed. This was the focus of a roundtable meeting hosted by the Urban Institute and sponsored by the National Association of […]

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1/13/2019 10:03:02 AM

Compared to past years, there is a deeper link between home prices and rates today, according to new research by Zillow. Fifty-eight percent of respondents to the latest Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey believe the connection between home prices and rates is “sensitive” more so than in past periods when rates shifted. More than 100 […]

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